DJ : Esteban

Emission : House Nation

Lieu : San Antoni de Portmany (Espagne)

Horaire : Tous les Mercredis de 19h à 21h

Genre : House, Techno, Deep-House


DJ Esteban has been into nightlife for over half his living years as a  clubber to deejay

Esteban’s career is the culmination of a lifetime of deejaying around Europe : France to Ibiza, Belgium to Russia, observing people react, and making people move. At age 15, he played friends’ birthdays ; by age eighteen, he was playing his first gig in a bar, one of his birthcity hotspot. During one late-night set, Esteban caught the attention of the owner of the biggest club in the city as everyone recognized Esteban’s unique ability to connect to everyone.

Esteban’s love of music and his appreciation of sounds both classic and cutting-edge date back to age five when he discovered disco and early electronic sounds such as Chic, New Order or Kraftwerk. Since then, Esteban’s goal was to play all music, for all people, all over the world.

He’s a resident DJ in France & Belgium where he is recognized from miles away by his DJ sets from Deep House to Fresh disco (Also Tech House, Balearic & Tribal House, Retro house from Belgium) and happy to play any styles of House Music, electrifying party people with a musical palette so broad, he relates to everyone within his reach, uniting dance floors around Europe.

He hosts 2 weekly radio and video shows in Europe « House nation Megamix » (every Saturday) and « Sunday Sunset » (every Sunday).

He also has a weekly live video show « The CityMiXxx » and has weekly podcasts on a US FM radio sharing to the world, his emotions through 30 years of House & Dance Music Classics and gems !

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