Dada Life

DJ : Dada Life

Emission : CRASH & SMILE

Lieu : Stockholm (Suède)

Horaire : Tous les 3éme Vendredis de 21h à 22h

Genre : Big Room, Electro, Progressive Beats

Langue: Anglais


Since 2006, Swedish DJs Olle Cornéer and Stegan Engblom have been bringing big
room, progressive beats and electro house hits to the global stage as Dada Life. They saw early chart success in Belgium and the Netherlands and reached the Billboard 200 with their second studio album, The Rules of Dada. They are known for extremely energetic live sets full of comedic banter, during which they let loose large banana and champagne bottle inflatables or, in the case of their headline set at EDC Las Vegas, were accompanied by a live, 25-piece marching band. Some of their biggest hits to date include « Kick Out The Epic Motherf*cker », « One Last Night On Earth », « Born To Rage », and have remixed the likes of Madonna, Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga and Major Lazer . Their impressive portfolio also boasts two Guinness World Records: world’s largest pillow fight and world’s largest gathering of people dressed as fruit!

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