Découverte/Nouveauté Millenium: Lucifer Techno Star – Come Tast My Pride

Du 05 au 19 Janvier, découvrez le nouveau titre de Lucifer Techno Star “Come Tast My Pride”

Rendez vous tous les jours à 5h45 / 9h45 et 14h45 pour découvrir leur nouveau Single parut chez MYSTYX


Lucifer Techno Star is a French techno group created by Lamy Sébastien. Their first track “come taste my pride” is techno-gothic thanks to its frenzied dance that plays on a dark and creepy imagery.

In 2020, the group is born, the idea for L.T.S. is to create a fairly hard dance music eyeing techno, but also to create a unique atmosphere in an esoteric universe with a mysterious character … Lucifer.
Here is the first title of the future album “the 7 deadly sins” …