DEEPINYOU – Livio Bruno

Quand :
12 avril 2020 @ 1 h 00 min – 3 h 00 min
DEEPINYOU - Livio Bruno

DJ : Livio Bruno

Emission : DEEPINYOU

Lieu : Italie

Horaire : Tous les Samedis de 01h à 03h (Nuit de Samedi à Dimanche)

Genre : Deep House, Dance, Progressive, ItaloDisco


Livio Bruno (known from the 90s as DJ Lillo B.) was born in southern Germany and lived on the Swiss border until 1992, after then he moved to Italy.

He starts mixing on vynils turntables in Italy in 1993. He collects all the club songs from 1992 to 2004 in his archive.

Since 2010, thanks to the invitation of some Webradios, he restart playing on the decks again. The entire archive and the new DJ sets are available only on my