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Jusqu’au 27 août sur Millenium découvrez notre sélection de nouveaux talents!

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Camarda & Almero – They Don’t Know à 05h30 / 09h30 / 14h30 (sauf Samedi et Dimanche) / 16h30 / 23h30 Sauf Vendredi et Samedi)

Roberto Rodriguez – Génération à 05h10 / 09h50 / 14h10 (sauf Samedi et Dimanche) / 16h50 (sauf Dimanche) / 00h30 (sauf Samedi et Dimanche)

Polish DJ and producer Kamil Bobin otherwise known as Roberto Rodriguez is a chameleon in the world of dance music as he can turn his hand at any genre and still inflict his signature sound all whilst providing the vibes on the dancefloor.Having always had a passion for genres such as House, Hardstyle and Hands Up,
Roberto came to the realisation that music would never be enough for him if he were just to listen to it, so he took the plunge and immersed himself in the world of music production.
Inspired by the likes of Tujamo, Timmy Trumpet and DJ Gollum,Roberto has gone on to achieve multiple chart-topping hits on both Beatport’s Big Room charts and Spotify’s Final Viral 50 playlist with the songs ‘Fine Day’ and ‘Festival’.Roberto has
also grabbed the attention of industry heavyweights as his tune ‘Mystery’ gained the support of Oliver Heldens, Timmy Trumpet, Don Diablo and Cedric Gervais.
Roberto’s music was featured in prestigious dance compilations such as Technobase and Miami 2019 along with gathering air play on radio stations around the world such as iHeartRadio, Radio Sydney, VibeFM or Radio Westerkwartier.Having been featured on a series of renowned tastemaker music blogs and sites
such as T.H.E Music Essentials, iHouseu, Global Techno Magazine and The Rave Exchange, it’s clear that Roberto is just getting started and is set for an incredible 2020.

Andrew Hurth – Summertime à 07h10 / 10h30 / 13h30 / 15h30 (sauf Dimanche) / 17h15

Philip Stevenson – No Sleepy à 08h15 / 04h30

Philip Stevenson – I’want Some Fun à 10h10 / 16h10

Philip Stevenson – Where’s My Mind à 12h10 / 00h15